Thursday, April 14, 2011

API update

Lots of great progress on the API project. Our consultant developer has finished the message framework, security has been designed and implemented, our first secure API calls are working, and we have a test bed running on a development site. All great news.

Our first real API user has also been identified. We are partnering with another medical job site to share information, and they will be testing automation of data sharing against our API in the coming weeks. I'm working on documentation for our current clients on how to leverage the API within their own company websites, and will also start to transition our iPhone development towards this updated structure.

As I stated in my last update, there is still a ton of organizational work ahead to get the team moving efficiently in the right direction. We are still working towards a growth plan that defines team roles, and there are still many architectural decisions to be made. But the implementation of an effective API is a key piece in our strategy, and I'm very happy with the progress.

-Pat Poels

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